Liver Transplantation and Liver Surgery (Experimental & Clinical)

Liver transplant is a surgical procedure which is performed when the performing of the normal function of the liver fails like carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Most operations of liver transplant use deceased donor’s livers, though a liver may also come from another living person.

There are several disease conditions responsible for liver transplantations such as: Liver Cirrhosis, Cystic Fibrosis, Hemochromatosis, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis, Wilson’s disease.

According To American Liver Foundation – around 1,500 people die every year in waiting for a donated liver to become available and according to the study, around 6,000 liver transplants are performed every year in U.S. and this number is increasing year by year. Around 17,000 adults and children’s in U.S. have been approved for liver transplantation and are awaiting for the donors to make liver available.

Market of Liver Transplantation is developing with a significant CAGR because of its high adoption rate as it is an effective modality for the administration of end-stage liver disease. Developing countries are growing with a slower CAGR compared to other parts of the world.

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